Flight Test Video

See the video of our full scale drop test here

Logistic Gliders Featured in Aviation Week!

See Page 17 of May 27, 2013 Issue

Our Mission

Save Lives on the Ground by Breaking the Barriers to Aerial Resupply
Save Lives in the Air by Distancing Manned Aircraft from Threats

Mission Sequence 1: Mid Air Release

After rolling off the ramp of a cargo aircraft on its nose, each glider enters a steep dive until a static line triggers release of its folded wings. The steep dive and delayed wing deployment ensures a safe distance is established between the cargo aircraft and the glider.

Mission Sequence 2: Wing Deployment & Transit

After wing deployment, glider flight levels out and the Autonomous Guidance Unit (AGU) begins making course and glide slope corrections to reach the designated delivery location.

Mission Sequence 3: Terminal Dive & Parachute Braking

When nearing the delivery location, the glider enters a terminal dive and deploys a drogue chute from its tail. The drogue chute unfurls a larger braking parachute stowed aft of the cargo compartment, providing a soft landing.