Flight Test Video

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Logistic Gliders Featured in Aviation Week!

See Page 17 of May 27, 2013 Issue


Deployed from C-130, C-17, or V-22 aircraft, the LG-1000 can deliver 1,000 lbs of cargo over distances exceeding 70 nautical miles. The LG-1000’s wings fold back for compact stowage allowing 70 gliders to fit aboard a C-17 or 28 gliders aboard a C-130.

Once safely distanced from the carrier aircraft, the wings are extended with a static line and a reusable Airborne Guidance Unit (AGU) autonomously guides each glider towards a programmed delivery location. Moments before arriving, a low-cost braking parachute deploys for a soft landing.

Designed with a minimum of parts and environmentally friendly materials, each LG-1000 can be discarded after a single flight. Costing less than other parafoil-based airdrop systems, the LG-1000 provides increased standoff range, all-weather operation and a 25 yard landing accuracy.

LG-1000 (Shown with 55-gal drum payload)